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Wild Lettuce – The Natural Painkiller That You Can Grow In Your Backyard

Wild lettuce is the natural painkiller that you can grow in your backyard. It’s known for its analgesic effect that can replace pharmaceutical painkillers. Lactuca Virosa, bitter lettuce or opium lettuce are some alternative names for this amazing plant commonly known as wild lettuce.


The plant, which many would confuse with common weed, in reality is a wild edible that you can eat as a salad or even blanched as a spinach. But more than being edible, wild lettuce is known for being a natural painkiller that has been used for centuries as a home remedy to relieve pain. It’s a mild sedative that can also improve sleep and help with many other health issues, such as arthritis, inflammation, cough, sore throat and much more. For medicinal purpose wild lettuce can be consumed as a tea or in form of tincture.

To learn more on medicinal benefits of wild lettuce, watch this video.

Some pretty good reasons why would you want to grow wild lettuce in your backyard.

But, as with all natural remedies and herbal medicine, with wild lettuce too you should do the necessary research of potential undesired side effects and adequate dosage.


Want to learn how to prepare your own natural painkiller from wild lettuce?
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