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Tips for Cutting Cost When Building a Shed

Building a garden or backyard shed can  be costly. You could spend anywhere from a few hundred to well over couple thousand dollars. Here’re some tips for cutting cost when building a shed.

The cost of your shed will obviously depend on what type of shed you want to build and the materials you’ll use. Also, you should take into account the cost of mistakes you make when building  the shed on your own. Mistakes costs money and so, in order to reduce or eliminate them you should always use a high quality shed building plan.

Garden Shed
Garden Shed
Right Building Plans

As mentioned above the right building plans can help you save a lot of money. A set of professionally  drafted plans by an expert builder will take less time to build a shed and you’ll make fewer mistakes, meaning you’ll save on material and time. With proper plan, where everything is clearly outlined, you can easily make a realistic assessment of how much the shed will cost prior to even laying the foundation. Based on good shed plan you can make cost saving decisions well in advance

Here’s an example of really well designed 8 × 12-Ft. shed plan you can download for free.

A “Lean To” Shed

If you have a fence or a wall in your backyard, you can build a ‘lean to’ shed. This kind of shed will be a bit  cheaper  than a normal  type of shed, because by building one wall less you’ll save on materials. If you can lean a shed on part of your home, you can also save on extensive fixtures and wiring, because things like power and water can come directly from the main home. So, a “lean to” shed should definitely be an option to consider if you wish to cut the costs.

Simple Lean-To Shed
Simple Lean-To Shed
Wood Is The Cheapest Material

You’ll want to use wood for building your garden or backyard shed, because wood tends to be the cheapest building material. You’ll save money on tools and wood is overall cheaper to purchase. Wood is very easy to work with and as such easy to use for most newbie builders. Because there are different types of wood, you should chose the one that fits your budget the best. Consider buying durable wood because it will help you save on frequent repairs and rebuilding in the long-term. Finishing your wooden shed with weather shielding paint will also help you save money for the long haul.

Building Tools

If you do not already have the building tools you need, you can always save money by renting them. The cost is usually just a few dollars a day compared to spending hundreds of dollars on purchasing power tools. However, you may want to invest in a good set of tools, if you plan on doing a lot of building in the future.

If you’re new to woodworking, I recommend you to read this article about Essential Woodworking Power Tools. If you’re seasoned woodworker, you may want add some new tools to your existent collection.


Building a shed on your own is overall less expensive than buying one. It may take a bit longer to build one, but at the end of the day you will not just save some money, but you’ll also be proud of your work. The tips above should help you save money. While saving money it is important not to make any compromises on things like building material. If you use wood, use the best you can afford since it will help you save in the long-term. It will also ensure that your structure is stable and safe for your kids playing near your shed.

To help you start with your shed building, download this FREE shed plan.

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