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How To Save On Monthly Grocery Bills


The simple answer is: by planning your meals ahead! If you had a plan for your family meals each week, you would shop for groceries according to your plan, hence you could be saving big on your monthly grocery bills. It sound simple, but many of us just don’t take the time for meal planning every week. We go to grocery shops daily and buy food randomly according to what we have in plan to cook that same day or maybe the next day. This often leads to buying food we actually don’t have time to cook or worse, we already have it at home! It’s just a huge waste of money and time.

But there is an easy way to save on your monthly grocery bills and precious time you spend on weekly meal planning. It’s called PlateJoy.

PlateJoy is an online based service that helps you make custom, on-demand meal plans and grocery lists adapted to your taste, health goals, and time constraints. The concept they’ve created it’s simple, but very effective: you take a life-style quiz based on which PlateJoy will create custom-designed meal plans that best match your life-style and eating habits.

Meal planning simplified: save on grocery bills with PlateJoy

You can get recipes and shopping lists sent straight to your phone, which is an additional plus. No need to write down recipes and grocery lists, you have them on your phone, always on hand!

What are the benefits offered by PlateJoy?
  • Unlimited personalized meal plans with whichever courses you’d like (breakfast, lunch, dinner, or snack)
  • Custom recipes tailored to your preferences
  • Time-saving grocery lists optimized to reduce waste
  • Option to change dietary preferences any time
  • On-demand advice from your personal nutrition coach
  • Full nutritional information for every meal
  • Easy nutritional syncing with your JawBone or FitBit

Eat better and save on grocery bills with PlateJoy

More than enough reasons to join PlateJoy. Although the service is not free, it’s well worth the money. With just $8-$10 per month you could be saving hundreds of dollars on wasted food or eating out. PlateJoy really is a service that helps you save on your monthly grocery bills.

Give it a try and take the quiz now! It’s free.

Take the life-style PlateJoy quiz

Eat better and save on grocery bills with PlateJoy. You can also buy a gift card as an original Christmas or birthday present.

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