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Pick The Right Flower For The Right Woman’s Personality

All women love receiving flowers. Including your mother-in law. Pick the right flowers in line with woman’s personality and make her happy.

A tale as old as time is not just Belle and the Beast’s fairy tale love, it is also the tension between you and the mother-in-law. You may find nothing in common with her except for the love of your lives, your significant other, who also happens to be her son. Regardless of how much you love her son, it will never be enough for her.

She does not hate you (that much), but she wants the best for her baby boy. This you can prove to her every day. But, why don’t you give her blooms that will soften her heart to show that you also care for her?

Although this article is referring to daughter – mother-in-law relationship in particular, flower descriptions below apply to any woman you’d like to make happy with a small gift. These tips will work whether you’re buying flowers for your mother, wife, sister, friend or colleague at work. Pick the flowers wisely and you’ll make any woman feel appreciated.

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Sunflower for the Business Tigress

sunflowerWhen your mother-in-law is a fierce businesswoman, it is only right to give her flowers for good luck. The sunflower will be perfect for her. In the Chinese culture, it symbolizes good fortune and encouragement. Your husband’s mother is not only a mum. She is a woman with a thriving career. Whether it be a potted sunflower or a bouquet of them, this is a well-meaning gesture of wishing her luck in her business.


Columbine for the Free Spirited

Its Latin root name columba means dove and the original Latin name, Aquilegia signifies an eagle. A mother-in-law who resembles the free-spirited nature of these high flying birds deserves to be given columbines. This is to show her that you support her eccentric character. Who wouldn’t be touched by such sweet gesture?


Gladiolus for the Brave


All mums are brave for overcoming the challenges of raising a good son, let alone a beautiful family. You can always show your gratitude to her with gladiolus for bringing your soul mate into this world because these blossoms symbolizes character strength. This helps you earn brownie points even if it’s not Mother’s Day.


Breast Actives
Calla Lily for the Disciplinarian

Calla lilly

You often sneak out for dates because his mother is so strict about her son going out. Now that you tied the knot, she still imparts her punitive values (sometimes). To mellow her down, surprise the mother-in-law with beautiful blue and lavender calla lilies that represent grace and refinement.


Hyacinth for the Sporty


If you can’t keep up with the fit lifestyle of your partner’s mother, congratulate her on her latest sport conquest with a bouquet of hyacinths. It comes from the Greek god Hyakinthos, who inspired the Olympic sport, discus. She will not only take pleasure in smelling the fragrant blooms, she will also appreciate the well-thought of gift.


You are not only marrying your significant other. You will also be married into his family. Transform you love-hate relationship with your mother-in-law into a happy and loving family connection.

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