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One Single Ingredient From Your Pantry Will Make Your Glasses Shine Like New Again

No matter how carefully you clean your drinking glasses, sooner or later they will become cloudy and look obsolete and ugly. Apparently the reason for this is in the hard water, and even if you buy new set of glasses, eventually they will end up cloudy too.

But don’t just throw away your old glasses and rush buying new ones. There is a very simple solution that will help you make your cloudy glasses shine as new again in no time. In fact this tip is so simple, you’ll blame yourself for not having it tried yet. All you need to make your glasses shine as new again, are 3 ingredients you always have at home:

  • dish detergent
  • vinegar and
  • water.

Yes, it really is that simple. And it works with hand washing or with dishwasher. Watch how to combine this mixture properly for best results in the video by BottomLineInc below.

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