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Never Wonder Again How Your Room Will Look Like After It Has Been Painted

Planning to give your home fresh look with new paint on your walls, but you’re not sure which color to choose? Or you’re simply not sure how that color will look like in your space? Let’s face it: sometimes colors can look completely different from what we have expected when we’ve bought them. That soft pink can turn to be too pale on our wall or that yellow is just too gaudy.

But there is a way you can see how your room will look like painted with color you have imagined before even buying the paint. I found this fantastic online tool called Personal Color Viewer by Benjamin Moore. It allows you to explore paint color combinations on pictures of your own home or with the sample room designs existent on the website.

In just 3 simple steps you will know exactly how your room will look like panted. No more guessing. Really an amazing tool!

Step 1 – Pick your room



Step 2 – Choose room design



Step 3 – Select colors from the list



Visit and start playing with this fantastic tool.

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