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The Glider Magnetic Window Cleaner

The Glider is Magnetic Window Cleaner that every household needs. Once only used by professionals, this advanced window cleaner is now available to all of us.


In this review you can learn about its features and see how simple is to use in the video below.

Magnetic Window Cleaner is very simple to use and allows you to clean the exterior of windows while staying in the room. This is particularly handy for cleaning large exterior windows that are wider than an arm’s length, and above ground level. The Glider cleans both sides of the window at the same time with double action of cleaning and drying in one move.

The Glider D-2 Magnetic Window Cleaner

Main Features of The Glider Magnetic Window Cleaner
  • Excellent Window Cleaning Quality, With Double Action Of Cleaning And Drying In One Go
  • Only Window Cleaner With 4 Squeegees, Two On Each Side
  • Powerful Light Weight Rare-Earth Magnets
  • Cleans windows of thickness from 20 mm to 28 mm
  • Special Microfiber Cloth For Scrubbing Heavy Dirt

Want to see it in action? Watch the instruction video below.

If you haveĀ  lot of windows to clean as I do than The Glider Magnetic Window Cleaner will be the last window cleaning gadget you’ll have to buy. I’ve tried many, and this one is far the best I’ve ever tried.

You can get The Glider Magnetic Window Cleaner at

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