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Freedom Cove – Living The Life Of Your Dreams In A Floating Home

Freedom Cove – A Dream Came True For A Couple Of Artists

Freedom Cove is a dream came true for a couple of artists who built themselves a self-sustained floating home in the wilderness of Canada.

Few days ago I came across a documentary on TV about this amazing couple who built themselves a dream home in the wilderness of Canada. They call it Freedom Cove. I was so impressed that I did some search on web to find more about these wonderful people and their unique home. I had to share their inspiring story.

Freedom Cove-FloatingHome-Catherine King-Wayne Adams

Wayne Adams and Catherine King are artists who decided to move out of the city 25 years ago, and live the life of total freedom. They didn’t have the money to buy the land, so they decided to build their dream home from scraps and recycled materials. As you can see, the result is truly amazing.

Freedom Cove-Floating Home

Freedom Cove – Self-sustained Floating Home


Their floating home is an ongoing project. They need to maintain it constantly and they are slowly adding new buildings and spaces. Freedom Cove is self-sustained floating home composed from main building, several smaller buildings, an extensive garden and even a dance floor for Catherine.

Wayne and Catherine are providing for their own food. Catherine grows fruit and vegetable in her garden, while Wayne paddles out in his canoe to catch some fish. When the weather is too rough to go out fishing, Wayne can lie on the couch and fish out of the house!

Freedom Cove-Floating Home


I love this adorable couple and admire their courage to live in total wilderness 45-minute boat ride from the nearest town!

Watch their story in this short video.

For more pictures of Freedom Cove and a tour of this amazing home visit the next page.

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