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Express Your Creativity With Upcycled Flower Planters

Whether you have a garden or not, you can experience the pleasure of growing your own plants in flower planters. The best thing is you don’t need to buy them. You can get creative with your flower planters by upcycling everyday objects you already have in your home. Gardening is not just relaxing and fulfilling activity, it is also an excellent way to express yourself. So, put your imagination at work and get creative with upcycled flower planters. Here’re some ideas to start with. I’m sure you can come up with many more and have some fun along the way.

Old Suitcase

If your life peg is wanderlust, then an old suitcase as flower planters suits your spirit for traveling. Look for a defective suitcase from your pile of travel essentials and enjoy creating planters made from it. Nothing says creative than marrying your interests in one craft project.


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Rain Boots

Flowers have always been a staple motif for fashion. You are never caught in bad fashion, even when it rains. But, as the seasons change, we just threw away key fashion pieces. So, if you have rain boots with a missing pair, make use of it by repurposing it into artistic flower containers. Being a fashionista, this project has you written all over it.


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Old Toys

One thing that Toy Story taught us is that we all grow and our most cherished toys will become a distant memory. Don’t just keep them in the attic. Bring them out and make imaginative planters out of them. You can recreate scenes straight out from your childhood days.


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Candle Holders

Some people are into scented candles and all those relaxation shenanigans. If you are one of them, you may have a couple of candle holders hidden in your storage room. These things will make magnificent flower planters that are effortlessly creative.


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What can you remember when you see baskets? Perhaps it will remind you of the picnics you had with family or friends or how your grandmother brings one while going to an early market shopping. For whatever use you have of the old baskets, these can also be good and decorative containers for plants and flowers.


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Plastic Soda Bottles

Repurposing plastic soda bottles are big contributions to the preservation of the environment. Instead of throwing these non-biodegradables, turn them into something sustainable. You can bring out the innate environmentalist in you and grow valuable plants from these bottles. Also, don’t forget to unleash your creative side to decorate these bottles.


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Snail Shells

Ok, this might not really be an object you have in your home, but you can easily find some empty¬† snail shells in the park or the wood near your home. While enjoying the walk in the nature, you can collect as many empty shells as you can find. With them you can create a bunch of small flower planters that can be lined-up on your window sill or hanged on the wall. This is perfect solution if your are living in a small apartment, and don’t have space for large plant containers.


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Have more ideas for upcycled flower planters? Share them with us in the comment below. If you like this article, please share it with your friends.

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