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Essential Woodworking Power Tools

If you are getting started in woodworking, you will need a number of power tools. However, you don’t need to spend a fortune. Here you will find recommended power tool list.

Below you can also watch the video which explains in detail the basic woodworking tools you need to start with.


This is a handheld power tool that you will need for drilling holes and also for attaching screws. You will also need to buy a set of bits in order to drill hole of different sizes.

There are either corded or the cordless drills. If you buy a cordless drill then remember to buy an extra battery so that you always have a charged battery on the side.


There are two types of routers that you’ll need:

Plunge Router: This power tool is used to cut profiles and outlines on wood pieces. The bit can be lowered into the wood while you are cutting through it.

Stationary Base Router: The stationary base router can cut a wide range of shapes on the edges. Its fixed depth, however, can’t be adjusted during the cutting process.

Belt Sander

A belt sander is a tool that is used to quickly sand down wood. It is crucial for the finishing process. There are both hand-held belt sanders and fixed belt sanders.

Palm Sander

This is a very handy piece of machinery. Since it’s small and portable it can be used in any job and can be carried around the workshop.

Circular Saw

This is another hand-held power tool. You can use the circular saw to rip and crosscut hardwoods, softwoods and other types of materials that are not made of wood.

Scroll Saw

Named after its traditional use in making scrollworks (which are sculptural ornaments that feature scroll-head designs), the scroll saw is a small electric or pedal-operated saw that woodworkers use to cut curves where a jigsaw is not appropriate.

Radial Arm Saw

With the radial arm saw you can cut or even rip wood to different lengths very quickly. There are different methods that you can use with a radial arm saw. Crosscutting and ripping of the wood can be easily accomplished.

Random Orbital Sander

You can use this very versatile power sander when you want to minimize the sanding marks on the surface of your work piece.


The jigsaw is a hand-held power tool used by woodworkers to make curved cuts on materials like plywood or thin wood layers in general. The jigsaw cuts through the wood by moving the blade up and down through the wood as it is guided along the profile of the wood piece.

Miter Saw

The miter saw comes handy when you have to make quick but accurate crosscuts. This is a small and portable saw with an 8-12 inch blade in length.

Watch Marc J. Spagnuolo fromĀ  The Wood Whisperer explaining all about the basic tools you need to start your woodworking adventure.

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