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DIY Halloween Party Decoration Ideas

With Halloween just around the corner it’s time to look for some fun, spooky or cute Halloween party decoration ideas. You can buy all decorations or make them on your own. I always advocate for DIY Halloween costumes and decorations, but sometimes I also buy some cheap items as well. Anyway, what matters is having fun, and we always have lots of fun while preparing for Halloween party.


There’re always tones of ideas for Halloween decorations on the web, but I made a selection of those which are easy to make or are inexpensive to buy. Have a look, pick the ones you like and go make them yourself! Some are really simple to make, others will take some more time and skills. However, I’m sure you’ll have a lot of fun creating these Halloween party decorations on your own or with your family and friends. Or just go buy them, if you prefer so.

Here’re 5 Halloween Party Decoration Ideas to¬† DIY.


Halloween Skull Lanterns

Super simple and really cute Skull Lanterns to DIY. What you’ll need is a white string light and small white lanterns. If you’re good in drawing, you can draw the faces or you can cut them out from a black paper and stick the on the lanterns. Really cute looking Skull Lanterns.

Halloween Spider Tea Lights

This one is really super cute an extremely easy to make. You’ll need mini pumpkins, black pipe cleaners and tea lights to make these Halloween spider tea lights. Have fun!

Halloween Pumpkin Masks

Why not dress-up your pumpkins with a mask? If you’re skilled, you can cat them on your own out of black paper or any other black fabric (felt would work best) you have on hand. Otherwise you can get the patterns here. Of course, these masks can be used for Halloween costumes as well.

Halloween Jack O’ Lantern Pile

Can you imagine Halloween without a jack o’ lanterns? Not really. Carve the pumpkins of all shapes and sizes and pile them on your porch for spooky party effect. To get some carving ideas, watch the video below.

How to Carve Halloween Pumpkins

Halloween Witch Door Decoration

Here’re two examples of really cool entrance decoration: Halloween witch entrance and garage door decoration. You can get the tutorial and the templates for Halloween witch entrance door decoration here.

halloween decorations witch entrance door


If you have enough space on your front door or have a garage, you could make this fantastic Halloween witch silhouette. It will take bit longer preparation and more work, but it’ll look really amazing on your garage door or maybe on a large wall inside the house . You can get detailed tutorial and templates at

Halloween Bats

Decorate your walls and your table with bats. Two simple to make Halloween decorations you can make on your own in no time. For wall bats tutorial visit In the video below you can see how to easily make the bat napkins for your dinner table.

Get Funny Halloween Accessories

How To Fold A Bat Napkin

There you go. I hope you like these¬†Halloween party decoration ideas and will try them out this Halloween. If you will, make sure to share some pictures with us. Have super cool, spooky and fun Halloween. If you like these Halloween party decoration ideas, don’t forget to share them with your friends.

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