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3 Unusual Dream Homes People Actually Built For Themselves

If you can dream it, you can build it! This is the takeaway from 3 amazing stories about people who built their own dream homes.

All of us have dreams about our ideal home. Some have made it real, some are still dreaming. But these people have actually built their dream homes. And these are not classic luxury homes. They’re unique and really unusual: a House In 700-Year-Old Cave, a Luxury Tree House and a Glass Dome Eco House. Each unique and amazing in its own way.

Stories behind these 3 homes are very different as their owners are. BarcroftTV has shared these amazing and inspiring stories with us.

Let’s see the first one.


Modern Caveman-Man Builds His Dream House In 700-Year-Old Cave

Here’s the story of 38 years old Angelo Mastropietro from Worcestershire. He was a successful businessman when he was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, which made him rethink his life. He decided to close down his business and started to live much simpler life.

He came across 700-year-old cave and decided to turn it into his own dream home. Angelo excavated a lot of the cave with his own hands. No wonder, he says, as his family name Mastropietro actually means “master of stone”.  It must have been written in his genes, as the inside of the house is really astonishing.


Take a look of this gorgeous cave home in the short video below. Angelo walks us through and explains how hid did it.

Visit the next page to watch another amazing story about the man who built his dream home on the tree.

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